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9 July 2020

9 July 2020

Skopje – Of 1,470 tests carried out in the past 24 hours, 168 new COVID-19 cases were registered in North Macedonia with 83 reported in Skopje, the Health Ministry said Thursday.

Skopje – President and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Stevo Pendarovski visited Thursday the Krivolak army base and oversaw the works of the engineer battalion as part of a project to improve the training area.

Skopje – Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski held a meeting on Thursday with the new German Ambassador to North Macedonia Anke Gisela Holstein.

Skopje – In the past three years, we have built over 300 km of stormwater sewage in all municipalities in the country. Jurumleri is the only settlement in our country and in the region to have vacuum sewerage system, PM Oliver Spasovski said after overseeing the construction activities in Trubarevo and Jurumleri, accompanied by Gazi Baba mayor Boris Georgievski.

Skopje – The State Election Commission (SEC) said Thursday that 742 COVID-19 patients and 9,465 homebound, infirm and chronically ill persons have applied for voting, with the final numbers to be available by tomorrow.

Skopje – Disappointment is prevalent, change is needed, politicians who offer hope and who know how to face the challenges are needed. I’m confident VMRO-DPMNE will have landslide win, the opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski said Thursday after a meeting with officials of the Independent Trade Union for Education, Science and Culture (SONK).

Skopje – The key pillars for digitization in the public system have been set up. The use of electronic services by citizens remains a big challenge. We need to digitize the key databases and launch 5G technology, said Minister of Information Society and Administration Damjan Manchevski on Thursday.

Skopje – О2 MR Coffee Bar is the first coffeehouse in Skopje where customers can order using sign language. It was opened through the government’s operational employment plan and directly impacts the way people with disabilities are perceived in North Macedonia, Deputy PM for Economic Affairs Mila Carovska said Thursday during a visit to the coffee shop.

Skopje – The Youth Cultural Center (MKC) is organizing Friday and Saturday outdoor film screenings.

Tetovo – SDSM leader Zoran Zaev and BESA leader Bilal Kasami held Thursday a joint press conference in Tetovo regarding the country’s NATO and EU integration.

Athens – Unfortunately, there’s has been an uptick in cororavirus cases in the region and we are in constant communication with the authorities in the Balkan countries to share technical assistance and views, Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas said.

Belgrade – Serbian authorities on Thursday banned all public gatherings in Belgrade in a bid to reduce the novel coronavirus infection rate.

Prishtina – Kosovo’s Health Minister Armend Zemaj on Thursday called on North Macedonia to review its decision on mandatory PCR tests for Kosovo nationals entering the country, MIA’s Prishtina correspondent reports.

Tirana – Elections in North Macedonia will take place in a few days, and a safe and democratic environment prevails thanks to the maturity of the country’s political leadership, says Albanian President Ilir Meta.

Brussels – Belgium has released its list of allowed travel destinations for its nationals and North Macedonia is not on it, MIA reports from Brussels.

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