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18:00/2 July/2020

18:00/2 July/2020

Skopje – Out of 1,653 tests conducted in the past 24 hours, 173 new COVID-19 cases were registered in the country with 75 cases registered in the capital Skopje, the Health Ministry said Thursday. Fifteen patients died – the highest single-day toll since the start of the epidemic. The patients were from Skopje (8), Tetovo (2), Struga (2), Ohrid (1) and Gostivar (2).

Skopje – The European Commission announced on Wednesday that the draft-negotiating framework has been submitted to member states for approval, proving there are no deviation from the outlined process. North Macedonia’s EU integration is rightfully speeding up, so the country can join the family of nations united by the European idea. Progress has been made after a 15-year wait and it’s time to use this process and introduce European standards home, Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski and Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov told a joint press conference on Thursday.

Skopje – Politics aren’t involved in the decision making process for opening or closing borders. Epidemiological data is what matters. EU’s key criteria on the matter is that the countries have under 20 new COVID-19 cases registered per 100,000 citizens in the past 14 days, Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov told a press conference Thursday.

Ohrid – EU Ambassador to North Macedonia Samuel Žbogar said Thursday that the negotiating framework for EU accession talks isn’t a public document yet and it will be released once EU member states approve it. This is draft-document prepared by the European Commission. It will be similar to documents for negotiating frameworks for Serbia and Montenegro and I think there will be no surprises in it, except that it will contain new elements in line with the new methodology.

Skopje – A new National Democratic Institute (NDI) nationwide public opinion poll in North Macedonia, fielded in the run-up to the official start of the campaign for the July 15 parliamentary elections, shows that voters prioritize economic development and remain concerned about the COVID-19 epidemic.

Belgrade – Montenegro on Wednesday passed a law allowing same-sex unions, with President Milo Djukanovic describing it as “a step toward the family of most-developed democracies.”

Moscow – Russian President Vladimir Putin won a referendum on Wednesday that will enable him to stay in office until 2036, with some 78 per cent of the votes in favour after 90 per cent of the ballots had been counted, according to the federal electoral authority.


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