MIA Announcements – North Macedonia

4 July 2020 

4 July 2020 

Skopje – Delegation of associations of Macedonians and refugee children from the Aegean part of Macedonia to lay fresh flowers at monument of child refugees – victims of the Greek Civil War (1946-1949).

2020 Parliamentary Elections

Kriva Palanka/Debar – “We Can” coalition to visit Kriva Palanka and Debar.

Kavadarci – SDSM leader Zoran Zaev to hold press conference.

Skopje – SDSM vice-president and MP candidate Damjan Manchevski to hold press conference.

Kriva Palanka – SDSM secretary-general and MP candidate Ljupcho Nikolovski to give media statement.

Skopje – SDSM MP candidate Oliver Spasovski to meet residents of Gjorche Petrov municipality.

Skopje – “We Can” coalition MP candidate Sanja Lukarevska to meet residents of Butel municipality.

Delchevo – SDSM MP candidate Jagoda Sahpaska to give media statement.

Skopje – VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski to visit municipalities of Petrovec, Ilinden, Centar and Kisela Voda.

Skopje – VMRO-DPMNE MP candidate Gordana Siljanoska Davkova to visit municipalities of Centar and Kisela Voda.

Kumanovo – VMRO-DPMNE MP candidate Vlado Misajlovski to visit Kumanovo.

Skopje – VMRO-DPMNE MP candidate Igor Janushev to visit municipalities of Lozovo, Petrovec and Ilinden.

Prilep/Kavadarci – VMRO-DPMNE MP candidate Aleksandar Nikoloski to visit Prilep and Kavadarci.

Tetovo – VMRO-DPMNE MP candidate Dafina Stojanoska to visit Tetovo.

Prilep – “Never North – Only Macedonia” coalition to visit Prilep.

Makedonski Brod/Krushevo/Demir Hisar/Resen – Platform Macedonian Concept to visit Makedonski Brod, Krushevo, Demir Hisar and Resen.

Tetovo – First Albanian PM candidate Naser Ziberi to meet with mayors of several municipalities.

Gevgelija – Levica MP candidate Branko Ristov and party leader Dimitar Apasiev to attend opening of party’s local branch office.

Skopje – MORO – Worker’s Party to hold press conference.

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