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Half a million euros to improve Mavrovo’s tourism offer

With a half a million euros in investments, the Municipality of Mavrovo and Rostushe, as well as Mavrovo National Park will be improving the tourism offers and availability of natural beauty in this area.

Gostivar, 21 May 2020 (MIA) – With a half a million euros in investments, the Municipality of Mavrovo and Rostushe, as well as Mavrovo National Park will be improving the tourism offers and availability of natural beauty in this area. By the end of the year, a project which includes building picnic spots and observatories, renewing hiking trails, purchasing photo-safari vehicles etc. is to be realized.

The signing of the contracts between the partners in the Mavrovo National Park project and the Municipality of Mavrovo and Rostushe signalized the start of the procurement activities, as well as the beginning of field work. The planned tourism infrastructure investments are part of the project that aims to enable the development of tourism in Mavrovo and down the Radika river valley.

“The municipality approved this sub-grant, and its realization has begun already. It will be used to invest a significant sum of funds meant for the development of tourism. The partners in the ‘Development of Tourism in the Mavrovo valley’ project received MKD 32,080,623 from the World Bank through the government of the Republic of North Macedonia, and the project itself is implemented through the Project Implementation Unit on Local and Regional Competitiveness Project,” Mayor of Mavrovo and Rostushe, Medat Kurtovski tells MIA.

He points out that the offers for building wooden bridges, gazebos, observatories and trail markers are being evaluated.

Attractive content for spending more time outdoors

Most of the content and planned procedures are on the territory of the country’s largest national park. According to the head of Mavrovo National Park, after the project is implemented, visitors will have improved conditions and opportunities to enjoy the contact with the park’s natural beauties.

“We’re pleased the project has been approved and we will be working towards its full realization. We expect the tourist offer of the national park and the municipality to improve, which would benefit the entire community. After the activities end, we believe that our region will be a more attractive place for all visitors,” says head of Mavrovo National Park, Samir Ajdini.

The project, expected to be completed to end by the year, the Mavrovo region will get new and improved content such as three redesigned picnic locations near the villages of Velebrdo, Prisojnica and Leunovo. Alongside this, the trail next to the Duf waterfall near Rostushe is to be redesigned by expanding the trail in certain places, setting up new bridges and passageways and a protective fence.

Three animal observatories will be set up as a novelty in Mavrovo National Park’s tourist offer. The organization of tourist walks, hiking tours, and wildlife observation tours will be made possible with the two transport vehicles that are to be purchased. Hikers and mountain bikers will get redesigned markings for 24 hiking and mountain biking trails with new technological solutions, i.e. QR codes.

Five info kiosks at the five most frequented tourist spots on the territories of the park and municipality will significantly improve informing for tourists. Electricity and internet will be made available at these spots, and each visitor will be able to get necessary tourist information. Ten electrical bikes will be purchased, which will benefit the environment.

New trash cans and benches will be set up in multiple spots, and a mini park for children will be built near the info center meant for the visitors and locals.

A model 3D map of the park meant for an interactive display of the territory has been ordered, which will be used by the info-center visitors. Videos will be made to popularize the park and its characteristics to promote the upcoming summer and winter tourist season.

This investment aims to work on a new ten-year tourism strategy, the renewal of technical devices and furniture in the Informative Tourist Center.

In order to implement this project, Mavrovo National Park and the Municipality of Mavrovo and Rostushe are co-funding it with funds amounting to 10% of the value of the project.

Zoran Gega Madjoski

Translated by Dragana Knežević

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