‘Gunpowder Clouds’ by Branislav Gjorgjevski published in German

Macedonian author Branislav Gjorgjevski's novel Gunpowder Clouds was translated into German.

Skopje, 30 March 2020 (MIA) — Macedonian author Branislav Gjorgjevski’s novel Gunpowder Clouds was translated into German.

The German publishing house Bernd E. Scholz released the book under the title Pulverschwaden (Barutni oblaci in Macedonian).

The novel was made available for purchase on the biggest German online retailer,

Gunpowder Clouds is the second book by Gjorgjevski to have been published in German, after his North of the Sun (Severno od sonceto) was released by the same publishing house in 2016.

Branislav Gjorgjevski (b. 1986, Skopje) is a writer and journalist. Besides the novel Gunpowder Clouds, he has also authored two collections of short stories (his debut, All of Those Endings (Site tie kraevi) and his second book, North of the Sun).

He lives and works in Skopje, North Macedonia. mr/

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