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Five passengers on Skopje-Turku flight test positive for COVID-19

Five out of 146 passengers who arrived from Skopje in Turku, Finland on Tuesday evening in a WizzAir flight have tested positive for COVID-19.

Turku, 13 August 2020 (MIA) – Five out of 146 passengers who arrived from Skopje in Turku, Finland on Tuesday evening in a WizzAir flight have tested positive for COVID-19.

Two people who have contracted the disease are Finish nationals and the other three, who are of Balkan origin, live in Finland, according to Mikko Pietilä, head of the Regional Hospital of Southwestern Finland. He said they have been hospitalized, without providing more details about their condition.

Of all the passengers, 129 got tested and 17 refused testing. Turku authorities on Tuesday said all passengers on the Skopje flight were put in quarantine and will be tested. Local authorities will check if the people comply with the quarantine measure, otherwise they could face fines.

Earlier, Finish authorities said that 26 passengers out of 157 on the Skopje-Turku flight tested positive for COVID-19.

Some 30 passengers from the flight, which took place Saturday, have been living in Turku while the others have been living in other parts of Finland, including the region of Uusimaa. Although there is no official information on the identity and nationality of the infected persons, Finish media said that dozen are residents of Turku.

North Macedonia’s Health Ministry has said that a majority of the 157 passengers who arrived on Saturday at Turku airport after boarding a plane in Skopje are nationals of Kosovo and Finland and only two are Macedonian nationals. According to data from the Skopje International Airport and the border police, it said that most of the passengers are expats who visit or transit the country due to various reasons before returning to Western Europe where they work. Restrictions to enter or exit the country don’t apply for them if they have a residency permit or have obtained citizenship from EU countries.

According to the list of passengers, most passengers had Kosovo passports (95 people), 60 passengers had Finish passports and the rest were holders of Macedonian passports (2), Albanian, Bulgarian, Estonian and Swedish.

“Data on all passengers in the plane bound for Finland have been examined. Not a single passenger is registered in the database of positive COVID-19 cases in our country, which means they haven’t received an order from the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate to be put in isolation,” the Health Ministry said.

Also, the Foreign Ministry asked the embassy based in Stockholm, which also covers Finland, for a list of the names of the passengers whose results came back positive. Health Minister Venko Filipche said analyses will be made before deciding whether citizens from neighboring countries transiting North Macedonia will be required to present PCR tests upon entry.

Photo: mtvuutiset.fi

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