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Thursday, September 20, 2018, 

Albania and Kosovo join regional initiative on cutting roaming charges

Albania and Kosovo join regional initiative on cutting roaming charges

Skopje, 18 April 2018 (MIA) - Albania and Kosovo have joined the regional initiative of four Western Balkan countries to reduce roaming charges.

"We are glad that our regional initiative, which was started off by four countries, now is being expanded with two more countries, namely Albania and Kosovo. We are also glad that the initiative has secured the support of the European Commission. Concrete information can be expected in Sofia at the EU Summit in May," Minister of Information Society and Administration Damjan Mancevski told a news conference Wednesday after the opening of the first Western Balkans Digital Summit in Skopje.

A more precise roadmap involving reduction of roaming charges of Western Balkan countries with EU member states is expected to be produced at the Sofia summit, according to Mariya Gabriel.

"The main thing now is the two countries to join the agreement of the four countries, thus enabling the European Commission to gain more strength when negotiating with all the participants in the process. Alongside the institutions and the operators, for several months we have been discussing and negotiating, which allows us on May 17 in Sofia to put forward a concrete plan on cutting roaming charges, which is very important to us and to all the citizens of the six countries," noted the European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society.

The agreement on slashing roaming charges in the Western Balkans so far has been signed by Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. ba/14:16


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