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Tuesday, May 22, 2018, 

FM Dimitrov: Leaving a country in EU, NATO waiting room for too long is risky, harmful move

FM Dimitrov: Leaving a country in EU, NATO waiting room for too long is risky, harmful move

Skopje, 22 August 2017 (MIA) - The entire Balkan region expects too much from Germany - one of Europe's driving power. Germany is also the main force of the Berlin Process, which is being intensively engaged with the region and the recent Western Balkans Summit in Trieste was rather fruitful, Macedonia's Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov told reporters on Tuesday in regard to possible results of his visit to Berlin, scheduled to take place next month ahead of the general elections in the country.

The resolve, born in Macedonia as it was coming out of the crisis, must be exploited to turn the country in a European democracy where the law will rule, Dimitrov said.

This is a second chance to that effect for Macedonia, but also an opportunity for Europe and Germany to demonstrate their ability to not only prevent further escalation of the crisis, but to also help for a favorable course of developments to be brought to ultimate success, Dimitrov said.

Launching of Macedonia's the EU accession talks is vital, said Dimitrov, notifying that the country bears responsibility for its European perspective. However, he said, Europe also has its role to that effect.

'I believe we have learned our reform lesson. The lesson for Europe should be: leaving a country in the EU, NATO waiting rooms for too long is a risky and harmful move. We bear the main responsibility for these closed doors, as well as our neighbors with whom we have opened issues, in particularly Greece, but the European policy has also failed and in a way shares the responsibility for this situation. hence, i am certain that this is an opportunity for both Europe and Greece to have a European democracy as a neighbor,' Dimitrov said. lk/19:22



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