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Tuesday, May 22, 2018, 

Bitola coldest with temperatures down to - 22 degrees

Bitola coldest with temperatures down to - 22 degrees

Skopje, 11 January 2017 (MIA) - Bitola had the lowest temperatures among Macedonian cities on Wednesday morning, reaching a low of - 22 degrees Centigrade. It was followed closely by Tetovo and the Mavrovo ski resort with - 20 degrees, while the capital Skopje was also extremely cold with - 17 degrees.

Dojran and Gevgelija were relatively warmest, with temperatures dropping to - 7 degrees. Mavrovo has the most snow, with a cover of 68 centimeters. Berovo and Tetovo and most snowed in among the cities, with 30 and 28 centimeters respectively. A slight increase in temperatures is expected on Thursday, before a large wet front expected on Friday and Saturday that should bring lots of new snow.

The Automotive Association of Macedonia informs that some mountain passes and roads are closed for heavy vehicles, including a stretch of the Mavrovo - Debar road, the Kocani - Delcevo - Bulgarian border road and the Berovo - Vinica - Kocani road. Light vehicles can travel on these roads, but should use winter equipment.cc/09:35


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