AstraZeneca to initially supply fewer vaccines to EU than planned

Brussels, 22 January 2021 (dpa/MIA) – AstraZeneca will initially supply lower quantities of its coronavirus vaccine to the European Union than originally planned, a spokeswoman for the pharmaceutical company said on Friday.

If AstraZeneca’s vaccine is approved by the EU, lower volumes will initially be provided due to lower yields at a production site “within our European supply chain,” the spokeswoman said.

However, there are no plans to delay deliveries, she added.

The British-Swedish company had warned countries in the European Union of possible supply problems with the vaccine, according to a report in German newspaper Bild, citing EU sources.

AstraZeneca developed the vaccine together with Britain’s Oxford University, and the vaccine is already in use in Britain.

It is expected to be approved by the European Union next week.

The vaccine has to be adapted due to mutations in the virus, Bild reported, meaning some stockpiles may not be delivered.

In Germany, a Health Ministry spokesperson said: “We are still assuming that AstraZeneca’s vaccine will be approved for the EU at the end of next week. The EU has invested a lot in the pre-production of this vaccine.”

The quantities initially available for Germany, and when they will be available, will become clear after the vaccine is approved, the spokesperson said.

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